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You need a cloth with a high cleaning performance. You need a cloth with high absorbency that wipes the surface dry, without leaving droplets or streaks behind. And preferably, combined in one cloth. This PVA micro from Vileda Professional is hands down, Anthonys favourite seller in the showroom!

� Cleaning performance. The knitted microfibre ensures perfect results on almost all of surfaces glass, office furniture, stainless steel and many more.

� Streak-free wiping. The PVA has very good water absorbency, meaning streak-free wiping without after-drying.

� Durability. PVAmicro can be washed several hundred cycles.

� Easy to rinse. PVAmicro holds 40 times less particle residue after rinsing, compared to ordinary knitted microfibre cloth.

� Coverage Performance. PVAmicro is applying a very fine film on the wiped surface homogenously over an area of more than 25 m2 , if needed.

Each Cloth is 38cm x 35cm Packet of 5

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