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HYGEN™ Launderable Microfibre Cloth is designed with industry-leading durability for optimal infection prevention and unmatched performance. Its cleaning capability can tackle any surface, picking up everything from dirt, lint and dust to bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

With HYGEN™ microfibre cleaning cloths, you can say goodbye to the paper towel and hello to multi use surface cleaners. Learn more about our product today.

The benefits of our microfibre cleaning cloths range far and wide, including:

  • Optimal infection prevention. By getting rid of dead microbes, you eliminate the food source for live pathogens and prioritise infection prevention. With HYGEN™ microfibre cloths, you can remove 99.9% of microbes including C. diff, with water alone — no cleaning product necessary.
  • Industry-leading durability. Rubbermaid launderable HYGEN™ microfibre cloths are designed to withstand 500 washes, 200 of those as bleach launderings.
  • Improved staff productivity. With our microfibre cloth cleaning solution, water and chemical usage decreases, which can enhance operational efficiencies and improve staff workflows and wellbeing.
  • Universal usability. It’s not just a single purpose microfibre cloth. Use HYGEN™ on a variety of different areas in your building and among various surfaces, such as stainless steel, glass and more to remove dirt, lint and bacteria.
  • Reduced cross contamination. Benefit from different colored hand towels so you can use them in different scenarios and never worry about cross contamination.

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