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Oates IW-051 Duraclean Window Cleaners Bucket 38cm

Window Bucket Features:
* 38cm long with 12 litre capacity
* Perfect for cleaning windows
* Unique non-slip grip eliminates hand discomfort
* Chemical resistant
* Oates IW-051 Window Bucket can be used as a Cleaning Caddy / Handy Maids Basket to Carry Chemicals


Frequently Asked Questions;

What basic equipment do I need to clean windows?

We suggest a Window Washer with Cover (T-Bar), Window SqueegeeWindow Bucket, Neutral Detergent (like Dishwashing Liquid or specialised window solution) and a cloth (preferably microfibre). If you are doing larger windows, then an extension pole is also recommended.  Or, for Super Value for Money and have no existing equipment, buy the Ettore Super System Window Kit as it includes a Free Training DVD.

What Window Cleaning Brands / Equipment do we sell?

We sell Ettore (High End Domestic & Professional), Pulex (Domestic & Professional) and Unger (High End Domestic & Professional)

How do I clean windows?

Add detergent to Window Cleaning Bucket, Wash with T-Bar Washer, Squeegee Clean & wipe access liquid with a cloth. Training Clips will be added Soon!


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