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The Wall-E Microfibre Cloth is pleated to give scrubbing and cleaning increased absorbency and drying in one easy motion.

Wall washing is a difficult task as most walls are larger than cleaners can ergonomically reach. And for walls to be cleaned properly they not only need to be scrubbed but also to be dried.

Now you can clean large vertical and horizontal surfaces with a cloth-like tool without your hands touching the surface. The Wall-E Microfibre Cloth is pleated which when used for scrubbing and cleaning surfaces you increase absorbency and drying in one easy motion.

The Flat Mop Head is available in 30cm and 40cm. The head attaches to Telescopic Poles which can be adjusted to the operator’s correct height. These heads allow microfibre covers to be changed easily without the operator touching the dirty area. Simply attach a pre-soaked cover to clean your area, then put the dirty cover into your bag for laundering.

For wall washing use the Wall-E covers with the Hand Held Grabber or on the extension handle. Scrub-E Covers can be used on walls and floors minimizing time and cost.

Covers can be laundered up to 95 degrees celsius and will last for over 500 washes making it the best way to clean large surfaces.

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