Sabco ProMop Bucket + Mop Set (Red)

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16L Pro Mop Bucket

A Wringing bucket that is durable with effortless mobility and effective wringing action

  • 16L Pro Mop Bucket
  • Best use for traditional moping
  • Can suit all varieties of mop head weights
  • Made only with plastics. No aluminium.
  • Lightweight and chemical resistant
  • Strong and easy to use design
  • Smooth and effective wringing action


Ultimate Pro Clean Mops

Ultimate Pro Clean mops combines absorbency, dirt cutting power and durability, all in one mop.

  • Heat Sealed Fibres Stay together for product longevity
  • Premium Blend Yarn
  • Ultimate Strength
  • Contains natural virgin cotton for maximum absorbency
  • Premium grease/dirt cutting power