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Quickgleam is a multi-purpose spray and wipe silicone emulsion polish / protector ideal for cleaning and protecting vinyl and rubber surfaces.

Quickgleam provides an instant shine and protective film to almost any surface. Quickgleam is ideal for cleaning and protecting vinyl and rubber surfaces such as rubber escalator rails, rubber belts, motor vehicle and truck vinyl interiors and some types of furniture.

Quickgleam cleans, restores and rejuvenates in a matter of seconds. Quickgleam is also ideal for protecting stainless steel, enamel paints, plastics, glass and timber surfaces. Quickgleam provides a protective finish to poker-machines and vinyl surfaces around poker-machines and bar areas. Quickgleam may be used in, offices, pubs and clubs, healthcare, institutions, schools, commercial buildings, industrial and many other areas.


Quickgleam is safe to use on most surfaces.


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