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Polish All is a slightly viscous white liquid with no odour. This product is a water based micro emulsion of mineral oil in water free of solvents and silicone. It is specially formulated to protect and enhance stainless steel and other surfaces. All Surface Polish effectively remove finger prints, dust, oil light lime and greasy films leaving surface clean and polished.

Polish All is ideal for use in the cleaning and protection of stainless steel bench tops, fridges, ovens, splash backs and also suitable on vinyl, aluminium, chrome, ceramics, wood, nonferrous metals and plastics. It removes rust, soils, grease attached to the surface with antistatic agents to protect surfaces from dust redepositing and is suitable for domestic and commercial use.


  • Cleans, shines & protects.
  • Removes rust, soils & grease.
  • No harsh scrubbing required.
  • Antistatic agent against dust re-depositing

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