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  • Material: 70 % polyester, 30 % polyamide.
  • Decorations are not included.
  • 1 pack of 5.
  • Imported from UK (Sizes & Specifications are based on the UK Market).

MicronQuick is made from 100% the finest 32-fold split
microfibre on the market. This brings significant advantages in
all areas of application. Due to the extra fine fibres, it cleans
deeper and more effectively, convinces with a 40% improved
durability compared to QuickStar micro and thus ensures perfect
cleaning results day after day. With MicronQuick, you don’t just
save time and money. Thanks to the low cloth weight of only 21
grams, larger washing loads are possible – the use of chemicals
decreases and this protects the environment. Whether machine or
manually processed, MicronQuick is the ideal companion when
maximum hygiene comes and removes up to 99.99% of bacteria from
the surface to be cleaned even without the use of cleaning
chemicals. As the successful QuickStar micro the MicronQuick is
based on the patented Evolon endless microfibre technology. But
instead of 16 times before, each microfibre can be split 32 times
and thus achieve a fibre fineness of only 0.075 dtex. So the
fibre of a single cloth (21 g) would be fine enough to combine
Dublin with Moscow. And with only 300 g MicronQuick fibre, even
the earth can be completely surrounded by the equator.
MicronQuick advantages and technology – suitable for machine and
manual cloth preparation – improved durability compared to
Quickstar Micro – lint-free thanks to endless microfibre
technology – easy to wring out – best cleaning results thanks to
Micron-Fibre technology – removes up to 99.99% of bacteria
(confirmed by the neutral testing institute BMA) – low cloth
volume allows the optimisation of the wash and reduces the
chemical Power supplies

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