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Erases dirt and grime like you wouldn’t believe
– Just add water
– Fine fibrous layer attaches to toothed hand/floor tools
– This pad is intended for use with the Doodle Bug or Eager Beaver Tool
– The Original and best eraser sponge for removing stubborn marks from any smooth non-porous surfaces. White Magic Doodle Pad works like an eraser to remove marks off walls, soap scum
off shower screens and tea stains from cups.

Designed for use on the Scourer Pad Holder tool, the White Magic is a multi-purpose cleaner that effectively removes stubborn marks without the need for harmful chemical cleaners. Eager Beaver tools sold separately.

Here’s a short list:

Aluminium, Plastics, Ceramics, Stainless Steel and Laminate, Glass.

Crayon, Grease, Finger Marks, Pen, Scuff Marks, Mould, Pencil, Water Marks and Smoke Stains

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