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Polivac is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of commercial cleaning equipment and it’s products have earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and more importantly their legendary long life. Built for the commercial trade, Polivac is a favourite brand amongst commercial cleaners and has been in existence for over 70 years. Their products are built tough and offer ease of use and maintenance and durability that is supported by their Global Dealer Network where parts can be sourced easily and quickly anywhere in Australia, if not globally.

When you want 2,700 square meters per hour straight line gas burnishing, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac 24″ Gas burnisher.

Designed specially for areas where speed is critical, Gas 24” delivers the high productivity results you need.  Fitted with the new Closed Loop Engine Emission technology, it automatically ensures that CO emissions are minimized and maintained at safe levels, below the workplace exposure standard determined by Safe Work Australia. Smooth operation makes creating and maintaining that ‘wet look’ shine easier and faster than you thought possible. All-Australian designed and built, the Gas 24″ has been specifically designed for Australian operating conditions.

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