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Mop with clean solution every time and reduce cross contamination with colour coded mopping systems
Easy solution release

Clean any small or large area continuously

Quick dry time

Cross-contamination, workers compensation costs, WH&S issues, high cost of labour and wastage of chemicals are the main issues facing the cleaning industry today. The old fashioned mop and bucket are at the centre of all of these concerns.

The Aquamop is the ultimate mop offering bucketless mopping. Simply take a new microfibre cover from your trolley whenever you need it and dispense solution by pressing a button on the handle. This system allows you to clean any small or large area continuously with the correct moisture level.

Mop your floors with clean solution that is not infected with bugs and see how much cleaner your floors will become. Great for small areas of floor and spot mopping when necessary.

Use with our Range of Microfibre Covers.

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