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Carpet and upholstery rinse for use on wool and synthetic fibres. Primarily designed to remove sticky detergent residues and prevent browning. It also has a low pH formulation to neutralize alkalinity and reduce drying time. It is also ideal for cleaning up troublesome urine-related accidents. If pre-spraying with carpet solutions of unknown pH, it is recommended for use, particularly on cottons, cotton prints, linen, and Indian cottons.

  • Prevents premature re-soiling and unsightly browning after cleaning
  • Complexes calcium, iron and salts preventing “greying crystals” that can prematurely dull light-coloured carpets and fabric
  • Leaves fibres softer and less likely to attract and hold soils
  • Neutralises urea (found in urine) which can turn hard and yellow fibres if left untreated
  • Leaves behind a subtle floral scent
  • pH: 2.0 – 2.5

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