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This Deb Proline Dispenser allows you to easily access soap, lotion or sanitiser. It is perfect for use in a variety of environments, including washrooms, schools, hospitals, offices and more.
  • This dispenser holds 1 L cartridges.
  • It measures 130 W x 110 D x 230 H mm.
  • It is perfect for a variety of environments.
  • This dispenser comes with a key to lock and unlock it.
  • You can top up this dispenser with compatible refills, which can be found using product codes BUAZU1L and DEBCLR1L.
  • This product falls under the ‘Refillable’ Greener Choices range, meaning it can be used more than once, removing the need to purchase multiple items and help reduce landfill, so you can make a positive difference to people and the planet through the purchases you make.

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